September 3rd, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

fairly decent weekend

friday evening at smb was not my thing; had more fun hanging out w/ feistydiva and tim? and the very beginning of the evening than at any time once mass amounts of people arrived... the friends i have from alchemy were as usual good to see/hang out with; i have realized that i don't enjoy the other people who attend bound though... the fashion show seemed to go alright algthough the designers were somewhat stressed; during the show, a drunk young lady who had been left passed out in the corner by her boy threw up all over zooom's zoot suit jacket - needless to say, he was very angry and upset, and we wound up leaving shortly after the fashion show ended - not that i minded - too many people, not my crowd

went home and passed out; spent saturday being lazy and having a fair amount of alone time w/ my other half - twas a great way to spend the day, but it meant that almost nothing got done as far as unpacking; my roommate really pissed me off, came downstairs and interuppted us to see if we had and would sell him the drinks he wanted - how rude; get your own!! sunday was much more productive on the unpacking, but not as much as had been hoped - zooom has been having back problems ever since war; apparently he overdid it or slept wrong saturday cause he spent half of sunday laying on his back w/ heating pads and icy hot on it; guess we'll have to work on it next week...

yesterday we got a late start, not even sure we were going to fair until john & jamie called and bugged us about making it; had a nice afternoon there after arriving about 3ish; went to mr. wang's hunan for dinner - yum - with john, jamie, karen, ben & allen (sp?) - he has added a bunch of yummy thai food to the menu... home to bed, i had a very hard time sleeping last night, not sure what the reason for this was, but i'm dead tired today... at least it's a short work week :)