September 6th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09


had a great time at the club last night; the music on the dance side was not as good as some weeks, but i spent a fair amount of time on the dance floor anyway; cruxshadows were great (i'm not really into goth music, but they are more like goth ebm - much more danceable than many goth bands); had some good conversations, especially with sasha shame (sp?) and tana (again sp? - but at least i remembered their names this time - lol - i am soooo terrible with names); after cruxshadows ended and they started spinning out on the deck i danced a lot more; didn't leave til they kicked us out... drove danny home and proceeded to attack zooom when i made it back to my house... sad thing is, even though i only had 3 drinks in over 5 hours, and actually got 6-7 hours of sleep, i woke up with a major hangover, upset stomach, light headed and dizzy - just need to make it through the day at work and then i can go home and crash - much as i'd love to go to dollhouse tonight, i think i'm going to skip it in favor of sleep