September 23rd, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

i'm still not over being sick

blech... i'm feeling better than i did saturday or yesterday, but my head is still all stuffy and i'm still coughing lots - i sound like tom waits my voice is so shot... did nothing friday, saturday the only thing i did was go to tammy & souza's wedding - zooom was feeling pretty bad too, so i drove while he slept on the way up there (they held the wedding at their house in northern md - 1 1/2 hours from our house)... the wedding was beautiful, and we enjoyed ourselves, but by the time we were done and tore down the sound equipment i was feeling horrible - went home, slept very badly - couldn't breathe and the cold meds make me hyper - spent a lot of sunday laying around, finally went to faire very late (told djpsyche and cathy i'd go and show them around) - only at faire from about 4:30 to close - was very good to see the medeival babes though - they are fabulous, and i recommend everyone go to faire this weekend if they can - they will be back for sat & sun, then no more this season - headed home, fixed some really yummy spinach and cheeze ravioli with cheesy marinara for dinner - watched episode 2 of the sopranos, took a flexeril to knock me out and slept for 11 hours or so - feeling better than sat/yesterday but i hate being sick (whine)... busy week at work coming up, hopefully all will go well with the conversions from another isp