September 24th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

very bizarre dream

early this morning after zooom left for work i had one of the strangest dreams i've had in ages... liza minnelli was divorced from john travolta (?!) but he was helping her with costume design and staging for a new movie musical in which she was attempting to channel the spirit of judy garland - basic story was that of a young girl trying to make it on stage in the big city - think busby berkley musical - big song and dance numbers... anyway, the movie is a disaster... not enough money for anything, liza is sewing costumes herself, john is making scathing comments about the state of the production... cut to opening night, critics are scathing, liza in tears, john gets up and makes passionate speech about liza's work and her dedication to the project, chastises critics for their reaction, the public agrees, the film is a blockbuster

in other news, i'm feeling somewhat better, angitia cooked dinner for us last night - stir fry - heather, christian, zooom, pyrogus and jennytheonly were there too... amusing conversation and good food, then to bed for a decent nights sleep... still sound like tom waits, but the stuffyness is mostly gone, and i'm coughing a bit less... maybe by the weekend i'll be back to normal
asleep at mal 9/09

learning and beginning to understand telco design stuff

i've now got a handle on how to test circuits from a telco point of view and can do provisioning in our dacs (digital cross connects - basically telling a specific telephone line how it passes through various equipment within our network) for internet and telco lines... yeah... this stuff is rather tedious, and since i'm slow at it very time consuming, but it is another new skill to add to my resume :) guess i'll get even busier at work now that i know how to do this