October 10th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

i'm not going to bitch about work today

same-old-same-old here, fortunately today is thursday, so i get to go out and burn some agression at alchemy - hopefully tonight will be a good night; the dammed are playing... what to wear, what to wear... also found and ordered a top for my halloween costume today and think i've found the right basic parts for zooom's costume as greatest american hero (the theme is unsucessfull super heroes - original or otherwise) - i'm going as spinstrella - the crime fighting dj - i use sharpened cds like throwing stars and loud, obnoxious music to make the culprits cover their ears so i can catch them... why am i a failed super hero you ask? have you ever tried chasing down criminals in club clothes? anyway, my co-horts for chiller all liked the idea (i think it's kinda cheesy, but supposedly that's the whole idea)... besides, it gives me an excuse to shop for more shiny clothes and motivation to finish the skirt i've had in my sewing pile for months now so i have something fabulous to wear (oh yeah, and jennytheonly may put my hair up in a mohawk for the first time in years (haven't worn it up since the last halloween at tracks)