October 11th, 2002



another shooting this morning, the hunt for the van that may or may not have been involved coupled with the ususal md i can't drive in the rain traffic made the start to my morning oh so lovely... damn they better catch "the beltway sniper"sooon!!

had a good time at the club last night, the dammed sounded great, and seemed to be having loads of fun doing the show, brian spun a great set in the small room which kept me on the dancefloor until i was dripping sweat so badly i had to take a break, spam was out to celebrate his b-day, dressed in spectacular zooom-like fashion - i'll pst a link to the pics once they go up... all-in-all a good evening, although we left a bit earlier than normal when the music stopped being as much fun to dance to... also got to see some people i don't see out a lot - was good to see everyone, and my attitude is better today cause i blew off some steam (thanks dj brian!)

must work now :(