October 15th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

antibiotics are not my friend

i started new antibiotics last night, ampicillin, more nausea - yeah!! i hope this shit works this time... on the other hand, i got home about the same time angitia showed up to cook a lovely dinner of steak and potatoes with some help from grillmaster zooom... didn't sleep very well, but i did watch moulan rouge again last night and caught sunday nights Soprano's (i slept through it on sunday) - not their best episode, but things are definately getting interesting on the series... tonight i'm planning on heading home early by way of cvs and grocery store - need some yogurt and such to fight the side effects from the ampicillin and bleach/dye for my hair - the color is starting to look quite faded, time to re-dye