October 16th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

wow... a slow day at work

the first day in weeks i've felt semi-relaxed at my job; i've finally managed to catch up on reading everyone's lj entries, i'm working through my favorite online comics - yesterday's flem at http://flemcomics.com/yesterday.htm was especially amusing... last night was rather boring, had leftover chinese for dinner, watched the new nypd blue, did some housework (bleh - why do i have to do housework? i want to be able to afford a maid service!!) and went to bed... my family has postponed coming down here to celebrate my birthday - no-one wants to drive in md until the sniper is caught, and i'm not cancelling my plans for the weekend so i can go see them, so we're going to put it off for a few weeks - hopefully by then, this asshole will be caught and we can go out to a nice dinner in baltimore or something - i really don't like pa very much, even for just a short visit