October 21st, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

i need a vacation

busy as fuck friday at work (hence the lack of posts), busy as fuck today; i had a decent weekend except for another bout with ovarian cysts - i hate these things, why won't they just rip out my ovaries... i'm not having kids ever anyway!!... friday went home late (4 hours ot - go me), took painkillers fixed some food, hung out for a bit with the house full of people who were up and about... saturday i woke up, took pain killers, relaxed, procrastinated about sewing halloween costumes, fixed (if i do say so myself) a kick ass dinner of meatloaf, greek string beans, and mashed potatoes for all (a dozen plus), took more painkillers, got dressed, and went to orpheus to hear djpsyche, mohawk adam, and dj warring spin... was a good night, i danced loads, and everyone liked my new corset (it arrived from www.glitterina.com on friday) - especially me - i'm really pleased with the quality and fit and fully expect i'll buy more stuff from her in the future (esp since her prices are fabulous)... couldn't sleep sat night after we got home (so i kept zooom awake far too late to keep me company), sunday zooom went to the gun show with a friend who wanted a new hunting rifle and needed some help making an informed choice, then we went to final day of faire - was fun, but way crowded - wanted to snag some friends to go out for dinner afterwards, but couldn't find them at pub sing... instead we went home, i fixed dinner for us and a few unexpected visitors (watson & jason), and went to bed... i'm still tired, but cest la vie; must get back to work now