October 23rd, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

another day

last night was strange, apparently no-one could make my birthday dinner celebration so it got cancelled (no big deal, we'll be celebrating at chiller this weekend anyway), went home, had leftovers for dinner and crawled in bed with a big cocktail to watch the sopranos - missed the end cause i fell asleep... finally got a decent nights sleep, now i'm back at work, having another day where everything i touch seems to be broken... remember i have a job, i'm getting paid, this is important... back to the drudgery
asleep at mal 9/09

thanks for the birthday wishes

today has been another day of suckage at work, but i try not to forget 2 very important things... 1 - i have a job (the economy sucks, and internet techs are very abundant in our market) 2 - it's only a job (i can forget the annoyances when i leave)... my mood is somewhat better, and i'm really looking forward to going away for the weekend - chiller con should be a blast!! happy b-day to my fellow october babies, including michael and zanne, didn't know our b-days were that close together