December 16th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

good weekend (except x-mas shopping :( i hate malls)

friday night i picked up terrapin taco house for dinner, went home and spent about 2 hours curled up on the nice leather couch in the garage chatting w/ my wonderful husband, then went to bed and had fun pleasing one another... saturday i woke up about 10 and spent the day being a total slacker - watched mash and read while waiting for stacia to come by, then spent about 4 hours sitting around and chatting with her... didn't actually get any holiday stuff done as i had planned, but boy was it nice to do nothing for a change... she brought yummy bagels and lox, and some of the extra food she had prepared for sam's "truth or dare" party... that means i didn't even have to cook, just nuked dinner for us... showered and dressed and was about ready just in time for pyrogus, azuresandstorm, funkergirl, little kender and braidy to show up at the ranch for the trip to orpheus/taboo - the night was great musically, i didn't want to get off of my box on the dance floor (i would have happily pushed a few rude assholes off though) but it was so hot inside i had to go stand out in the cold (in a miniskirt and corset) to cool off on 3 seperate occasions or i would have passed out from the heat - overall, though the night was fabulous, too warm or not, and reminded me yet again that i am spoiled here - at least 2 times a week i have the opportunity to go to a club where the music is good and i am at home... went home to find zooom still up and online - he went to his motorcycle club's holiday gathering and was playing online... sunday i awoke about 10:30, still tired but needing to be productive... had a bagel (thanks miss stacia) and headed out to complete the odious chore of holiday shopping - i enjoy giving gifts, but i hate shopping for them, especially when the stores are understaffed zoos as they were yesterday... by about 5 we were ready to kill people, and only a few gifts away from finished so we decided to call it quits and head home... zooom unloaded the car while i crawled into the attic to pull down gift wrap, etc... then the wrapping frenzy began - i got about 1/3 of the way done before jennytheonly frogmaus and kitten came over for dinner and conversation - we finished miss stacia's wonderous food and visited for a few hours, then i headed to bed for some much needed sleep