December 26th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

x-mas was busy but decent

home weds early after a 1/2 day at work, finished wrapping gifts, packed & loaded car, drove to pa in nasty snow/ice, but we made it ok... stayed w/ my sister & her family - neither of us slept well but no big deal - christmas is definately a time for family, and regardless of how much they bother me, my family is pretty decent overall... up x-mas morning about 6, watched my nephews tear through a huge pile of gifts (they are spoiled, but very good kids for kids), then greek x-mas cookies for breakfast (yummmm - koulourakia & powdered sugar cookies) and gifts for the grown-ups... mom bought me the v.s. tanga undies i asked for, we got gta 3 & strange brew (for zooom), a new large cd case (his is overflowing, mine nearly full), some money (which will mostly go to bills, but is a great gift none-the-less), and a few other baubles... had a delicious lunch (mmmm - more greek food - grandma's homemade dolmades aka stuffed grape leaves - plus prime rib, mashed potatoes, and veggies) and totally blew the diet thing for the day... hung out for a bit longer and watched tanner (9 year old nephew) struggle with his new snowboard for a while, then cleared off and loaded the car for the drive to zooom's family... got there a bit later than we hoped (over 2 hours in the car for a drive that takes 1:15 normally) but in one piece, visited with his family for a while - we got giant gift certificates, amaretto (for me), some of the tortured souls 2 figures, then headed for home where we proceeded to gather our "family" who were free and spent the evening visiting and unwinding with some quick easy food, cocktails, and goodies... a wonderful way to end the day, with some of the great people i've been lucky enough to get to know over the year... back to work today (bleh) but hey, it's thursday, i'm off to nation shortly - bounce, bounce, bounce