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made it through the holidays without any major family related trauma, and even a bit less annoyance than usual; got quite a few nice gifts on x-mas day - mostly books and movies and booze, but zooom got me the best gift - a working head unit for my car (a clarion DXZ745MP) - now i just need some new speakers (mine are the oem speakers, and while they didn't start out too bad, they are ancient and sound like crap now) and an amp or 2 to run them, and then i'll have good sound in my car again

in other good news, i finally found a bedframe i liked (after much looking and loads of frustration) at pier one (bedframe) - i'm probably going to stop back by there on wednesday and pick up the side tables and bench as well since they're on sale; it's been ages since i've had real bedroom furniture

went out to chairoscuro_dc on saturday late (i didn't get there til about 11:30) - the crowd was kinda small and the music on the main floor veered from dancable to wtf to dancable several times throughout the evening but i had a decent time, and i really enjoyed the closing set from dj skunque

upcoming good things this week
- i only work 3 days because i'm scheduled off for new years eve
- vnv nation at alchemy_dc thursday
- something fun for new years (not quite sure what yet)
- we hope to finish painting the main part of the basement this weekend so we can start unloading the books/computer stuff from the living room/dining room

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