January 15th, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09

lj - addict?

so today i don't feel like doing any work or any of the non-work related stuff i should be doing at work; instead i'm reading everyone's live journals and checking speak-yo continually - i just don't want to be productive, i want to go home and crawl into bed

does that make me an addict?

brief update: our landlord/housemate has been told he must re-roof the house or his homeowner's insurance will be cancelled; he's been procrastinating about it since the middle of december, so now he's working on it in a huge rush trying to get what he started over the weekend (by scraping up all the old/loose shingles over the entire house) re-roofed before tomorrow's snow... i kinda feel sorry for him being out in this cold, but he had several decent days/weekends where he could have done this in small sections only he didn't feel like it... tonight he's got friends coming over for southpark (bleh - i lost interest in southpark about 3 years ago now) and hopefully angitia will give him a basic lesson on using the new computer he got (group gift from us) for christmas... tomorrow is thursday - yeah - need to bounce out agressions now, damnit... friday zooom apparently has plans for us, and saturday amarynth and holly are arriving for the weekend - hanging out, sewing, club saturday night - after zooom and i go to his company holiday party (late, i know, but after the actual holidays is a better time) - we've agreed that we're going in club clothes - i think he'll wear the stainless steel vest and i'll wear the steel boned corset... should make quite an impression on his co-workers ;o