January 22nd, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09

odd day

i'm tired and cranky from severe lack of sleep (zooom was tossing and turning and kept me up most of the night; i finally fell sound asleep when he woke for work at 5:30 am but my housemate had to do the whole elephant above my bed thing at 9:30 and wake me up) but somehow still in a decent mood; i think that most of the good mood is due to the fact that tomorrow is thursday and i get to go dancing - whee!! - in order to make sure i get sleep tonight i'm going straight home from work, taking a flexoril to relax my poor shoulders (they are very tense from no sleep) and having a cocktail, then going to bed - and now: a request for all you southpark folx - try to keep the volume in christian's room reasonable or i will be annoyed and quite possibly less than polite