February 7th, 2003

red vinyl corset

finally friday

feeling better today than i have in about 2 weeks; last night at the club was great, although das ich did not put on as much of a show as i had hoped - friends had told me that their live show was more theatrically oriented than what i saw last night - still the music was good, i danced a shitload (ow, my legs are sore), had good conversation, and was reminded again how great my friends are - thank you all for your thoughts!! the drive to the club was interesting - i spun out the car after the brakes locked up on the gw parkway, to quote ikirus my ninja driving skills kept me from hitting the suv that was directly in front of us, and i wound up in the grassy median - this is going to sound odd, but i am such an adrenaline junkie that since i didn't hit anyone/anything it was all good; the ride home was extremely long however, it took me 3 hours to get from nation to the house with brief stops to drop officeninja and ikirus off at their respective houses - at 5am the plows were so far behind that nothing seemed to have been touched except a back road into the chi chi neighborhood where ikirus lives... work today, then errands, fabric shopping and a trip to nj for a housewarming/pisces party tomorrw, sunday is reserved for housework and maybe some sewing
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from reading other people's takes on last night's das ich show it looks like i should have been in the pit to hear/enjoy the show properly; sorry to say, that seemed like a bad idea at the time - back still sore from stairs... ah well, had a good time anyway!! seems to me i've had the same experience with other shows at nation; i know it's a large space to fill, but maybe the sound equipment/techs need to be changed so that people who don't want to be on top of the stage get the same show? i'd rather pay an extra dollar or two for a show than to not enjoy what may have been a great show because i don't want to be in the front row (age, volume, arthritis, etc - my body is a bit more fragile than it used to be)