March 21st, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09

wheee - it's almost the weekend

silly me went out weds to check out cue_club and had a decent time (must remember to wear dancing shoes next time!!), left early to get some sleep, then proceeded to lay in bed awake until about 4 am, then woke up about 9am - bleh

had a very good night last night in spite of exhaustion and sleep dep and stress, i was quite surprised by zeromancer's set - to quote officeninja their music is a bit derivative (sounds too much like multiple old-school industrial bands) but their live set was great... tikki (love you vicar) started out very good, but lost me within 1/2 an hour... the djs were all in fairly good form last night so i danced a "metric fuckton" in between bands... pigface was pretty decent (not my favorite band but damn they had a lot of energy)... and most importantly we got a surprise visit from staciadevi who drove down from north jersey to see the show and bounce with us for a few hours before heading home to work today... was great to see so many people out last night too... oh yeah, and the new skirt i made this past weekend seems to be quite the hit... once again got next to no sleep (wish i knew what the deal was - i'm so tired i can hardly keep my eyes open then i crawl in bed and lay there awake) but i'm in a good mood today and when i finish with work it's the weekend

plans include sleep (please? i'm begging...), orpheus, hopefully some fabric shopping, and tentatively a visit to see officeninja to celebrate his birthday