April 1st, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09

the weekend

was pretty decent - friday involved work, dinner and sleep

saturday zooom and i did some errands, went shopping for fabric at g-street (he found the most hideous neon prints for tights plus some traffic cone orange leopard faux fur for more pants; i found a beautiful color change purple tulle for the top half of the convergence dress) and stopped by night dreams where they have nearly all their vinyl and club wear on sale at 40-50% off - i got a new skirt and zooom got a nice pair of black vinyl zipper and d-ring fetish/bondage pants - think old school lip service meets dog pile... we cooked a yummy steak dinner saturday night for us plus pyrogus, frogmaus, jamie and sean (the irish bastard)... then after waiting around a bit for ikirus we headed to orpheus which was fun, but not up to par musically... when we arrived mohawk adam asked me if i was ready for him to kick my ass all over the floor (musically) - too bad he didn't succeed - not that most of the music he played was bad (well, with the possible exception of ymca) but his sets were too all over the place this week - at the end of the night i said "you didn't kick my ass as promised - next time you spin you'd better get it right, or i'll kick yours"; but michael's sets were as usual great and i danced a reasonable amount anyway...

sunday was sewing circle which i thought no-one would make due to the weather and a bunch of people being out of town... john & naomi did come by though, and i managed to get the muslin mockup of the top completed to my satisfaction, then promptly ripped it apart so i can pattern from it... had dinner, watched 6 feet under then collapsed for like 11 hours - guess i needed the sleep