April 8th, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09


pyrogus posted something very cool today which may go a long way toward explaining why i am often quiet even in social situations


i've never taken the Myers-Briggs etc, but a lot of this seems pretty accurate, although due to being around zooom so much i've gotten to know a lot more people and it's easier for me to act more extroverted when i know someone already (although i'm still better at listening than at talking about myself) - another strange thing to me is that i find it easier to be naked or nearly so than to talk about myself with people i don't know well - and after a night of clubbing or other socially heavy activity i often want to curl up with a good book and retreat into my own mind, but i try to fight those impulses
asleep at mal 9/09

weekend update

thursday - work, meet zooom for dinner w/ his twist club motorcycle group - he's late, gets to the restaurant about 10 mins before i leave, meet cute boi at the ranch, drive to baltimore, check out ascension - it was dead people wise and more importantly the music sucked - since when is smashing pumpkins (2 songs in a row too) goth/industrial? - left to go check out the old-school industrial night at the depot - still fairly dead people wise, but the music was much better, finally got onto the dance floor, had an ok time, home to attack zooom and sleep

friday - hadn't slept well, nightmares kept coming, after zooom left for work i read for a while then curled up with cute boi to try to get some more sleep; zooom came home about 10:30, woke us up, made cute boi feel guilty even though we were just sleeping, zooom convinced me to call out of work (sinus headache + fever), slept a bit more cuddled w/ zooom, made breakfast, did bills, watched stupid movies w/ cute boi, woke zooom about 6, finished skirt for convergance costume so i could wear it out (still too big though - need to take it in some more), heat up chicken/sausage soup for dinner, shower dress, head to alchemydc - had a good night - got fitted for cassock from angldst, danced quite a bit (even 2501 played a set i wanted to dance too), saw tons of people who i haven't seen in ages - was especially good to see johnny, ray and kitten out; stayed til close, then found zooom's car wouldn't start (apparently the rear defrost pulls power when the car is off) - fortunately dj brian s and his ride were kind enough to jump start the car for us; took ray home then kitten, crawled into bed as zooom's alarm was going off for work

saturday - slept from about 6:30 til 12:30 then got up and started working on turning the venison azuresandstorm brought me into venison and beef stew - yummm... ikirus and ladybug joined zooom and i for dinner, then a bunch of us headed for www.taboobaltimore.com - zooom & kitten on his motorcycle, ikirus and ladybug in her car, me with azuresandstorm and ray in mine, themichael and funkergirl met us there - music much closer to normal this week - much dancing and fun, adam apologized for the awful set last week - "why didn't someone walk upstairs and stop me?" - home to sleep after the club

sunday was an incredibly lazy day for me - i alternated between reading, watching movies and napping all day while zooom was out riding/hanging out with the twist club... i know i had stuff i should have been doing, but god did i need that!!