April 14th, 2003


challenging weekend

thursday night was not a great night at alchemy_dc music wise, alternated between dancing and hanging out complaining about how bad the music was, then staciadevi's car got broken into (thanks to the staff at alchemy for letting us know and all the assistance with making sure everything was at least kinda ok) and the night got very surreal...

friday rather than going to work i helped deal with the trauma surrounding the car being broken into - took stacia shopping for some stuff she needed, got the window repairs arranged, got the rest of the frogs for frogmaus's 30th birthday present (30 frogs from stacia, zooom & i), did some cleaning in prep for the party, had a small group over for a dinner party and hanging out

saturday zooom and i were the 1st up, we cleaned the garage with some help from stacia, then zooom took stacia to get the window repair finished and went to a motorcycle open house while mystikvelvet, frogmaus and i went to get party supplies - costco was amazingly painless (in and out in under 45 minutes - that's a miracle) and then we hit giant, liquor store, deli for lunch and bagels, and headed home to finish cleaning up; about 4 i realized i had to get ready to head to pa for my great grandparents 95th birthday dinner w/ the whole extended family (36+ people) and went to get miguele (our iguanna who is about 7 years old) out of the gap between the tank and the bay window where he frequently gets himself stuck only to find that he was dead... zooom came home just then, and he decided that he wanted to cremate the remains which we started on immediately - neither of us realized it would take as long as it did to burn through his scales though, so we eventually had to build up the fire and go inside to shower and dress for dinner... dinner itself was not as bad as expected; i managed to avoid extended conversation with most of the family members i can't stand (with the exception of my brother-in-law, but that's a subject for a seperate post), the food was decent albeit bland, and as soon as dinner was over we had a good excuse to bolt... we made it back to the house with the birthday party in full swing; the rest if the night was good - a very small group for a party at our place; good conversations; dianne being rained (literally) with frogs; excellant food and drinks - a total success (and the house wasn't even too trashed)

sunday was a semi-slack day... i cleaned up some of the party mess, fed the stragglers bagels & lox for breakfast, had a good crowd for sewing circle - i finished fixing the skirt for convergance (another 3 1/2 inches taken out) and got the top cut out and started (bleh - lining around the neckline and sleeves is complicated), ate some of the leftovers (thanks again for all the yummy food miss stacia) and watched Six Feet Under then fell asleep in my chair and woke up freezing at 3:30 am