May 30th, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09

it's been a while

update-o-rama (this includes mainly the fun stuff, we had a bunch of family stuff which i'll skip bitching about because there's really no point)

last thursday - club, music was eh (this is becoming a bad trend, and solares didn't get to my request either but her set was pretty decent)

friday - worked late, isabelleuna arrived for the weekend from ohio, a few of us went to see matrix reloaded (good 1st impression, want to see it again before any detailed critique)

saturday - housework, family stuff, stop by hancock for their memorial day fabric sale - spent too much, mostly on ugly fabrics for zooom but i did get 2 beautiful sheer fabrics for moi, home to dress up and head to baltimore for a brief visit to balticon... stopped at paper moon diner first at is's request - yummy food as usual, then a quick visit at balticon where pyrogus and i kidnapped faeriedust to go dancing; zooom stayed at the con... dancing was good - both michael & adam kicked my ass all over the floor... after the con, we went back to the hotel and hung out in mcoletti's room for a while, finally made it home through the pea soup fog about 4am

sunday - family brunch (zooom & i rode his bike - to upper marlboro - in the rain - but it wasn't too bad other than that the back of his bike is not terribly comfortable) then sewing circle - finished 2 more of the partially completed projects lying around and repaired a few things for zooom

monday - lazy day, i hadn't slept very well saturday or sunday so i was less than motivated, and i got woken up by a call from zooom - his car broke down again as he was coming home from his 2nd night at balticon (this time it is the head - fortunately the guy he bought the car from has a spare engine to give us so at least we don't have to pay for parts, just a good bit of labor) - i did do more laundry and cook - made italian chicken soup to freeze and we grilled for dinner - selezen and ray joined us - freaks bbq-ing - they decided it should be called an oi!-b-q - the evening was pleasant - good food, good company

tuesday - back to work - bleh - and my check engine light on my car won't go off - can't see anything wrong with it - checked oil, coolant, fluids, temp, etc, etc... hopefully it'll get checked out sometime next week (we need to have at least one of the cars not in the shop and right now it's mine)

wedsnesday - more work

thursday - club again - music was about the same - eh, again, solares spun a pretty good set, and i enjoyed the set defekt spun late in the evening as well, terrorfakt was pretty decent, i wasn't impressed w/ the opening band, and the deck was not my scene - the drum & bass i heard seems to lack the songcraft that makes music music to me (melodic structure is important, repetitive beats are not) but i'll give it another chance next week - zoltar (formerly from hfs) is the dj for drum & bass next week, and i did like his overnight brother from another planet gig many years ago

today: more work, after work the plan is to have dinner, cocktails, and sack out on the couch with some stupid movies - have a bunch of errands and cleaning to do tomorrow