June 24th, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09

web comics

several friends have asked for links to the web comics i read regularly, so here you go:

http://www.writheandshine.com (there are also new comics up after a long hiatus for those who didn't know), http://flem.keenspace.com/, http://queenofwands.net,
www.ucomics.com (for boondocks, non-sequiter, and doonesbury - you can get the last few days for free, to get archives you must pay :( ), http://www.sinfest.net, http://www.machall.com, http://www.userfriendly.org, and http://wwwsomethingpositive.net
asleep at mal 9/09

pennsic packing list/suggestions

hmmm... well, since lj doesn't seem to allow me to post a spreadsheet which is how this is set up on my pc, heres' a text only list of what i take to pennsic - not all of it will be needed for everyone (we go for 2 full weeks and provide some things that are for our clan use like an overly extensive first aid kit, extra awnings, multiple fire extinguishers - one is probably a good idea if you'll be using candles in your tent though - which you probably don't need)

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for those of you who haven't gone to war before (or those who've had a disasterous war due to lack of organization), a few general hints on packing:
1) Start Early
2) Make a written list or spreadsheet and check things off as they are packed; when i start gathering things for war i also note where the item is currently as there are 3 different "staging areas" in my house, where it is packed (ie: flashlights are in blue trunk), and mark the boxes, etc clearly to make arrival at war easier (we frequently don't get around to unloading personal crap until after dark the 1st saturday and having an easy to read list helps make sure i can find the things i must have in order to get the tent up and be able to go to bed
3) Set up a staging area prior to loading so that you can make sure all the bags/boxes/etc are put into your vehicle
4) Make sure tarps are easily accessible - we've gotten rain on the 1st night, and being able to get things under cover immediately is a necessity
5) Wear comfortable work type clothes that you don't mind getting dirty for arrival - trust me, no one cares how you look when you're unloading your 300 pounds of crap and setting up your tent

other things to know... there is a price club/costco about 20 minutes from war, right where you get off the pa turnpike... giant eagle (the local grocery store) will give out discount cards and check writing priviledges to out of state residents w/ proper id... make sure you carry your id all the time; you will get carded to get into parties and/or be served booze at war