June 25th, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09

citronella coils

several people have asked me where the hanging citronella coils we use for war and parties at the house are from... i used to get them from giam.com, but they are no longer carrying them, so i've found new sources: http://www.veldsma.com/spring/productinfo.asp?productid=436, http://www.usahardware.com/inet/shop/item/92340/icn/20-981381/lamplight_farms/99505.htm, or http://www.whateverworks.com/citronella_coil.htm... they work great and burn for quite a long time, especially if you put them out during the day - last year we went through 2 in the 2 weeks of war, and had no mosquito problems at all in our area of the camp, and fewer flies and other insects to boot...