November 19th, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09

quick update

life - busy as hell, strange, happy, sad, stressful
work - still not great, but i'm starting to adjust to the daily disaster
zooom - fabulous and wonderful as always
househunt - slow - found a house sunday that we wanted to make an offer on; the owners accepted an offer while we were still out looking at houses (saw it at 2pm, contract accepted at 5pm) - need to be more decisive
sick - missed a ton of stuff in the last couple of weeks - caught a nasty, lingering cold and decided that the intelligent choice was home, soup sleep rather than dinner & dancing or going to see friends - sorry if i missed you
lj - way behind, went back 200 messages today and caught up a bit - sorry if i missed anything important (i'll probably be online only sporadically while we're hunting a new home and work is as crazy as it is, so if it's important, call me)
friends - you are all awesome - thanks for that