December 8th, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09

house found - wheeeee!!

we found a house saturday, and yesterday, the contract was accepted... now we need to fill out tons of paperwork for financing, get through the home inspections, and wait - we won't be able to move in until february 1st as the seller's new place isn't available until then...

very exciting, very scary, and very expensive... please note: if we normally exchange holiday gifts with you, this year we are sinking all our money into the house, so we'd like to forgoe gift exchanges in favor of saving the money for the move

the house is in very nice shape - 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, totally new kitchen, hardwood floors upstairs, gas fireplace in the living room, and even a garage to make zooom happy - it's located in silver spring... hope to post pictures soon

other updates...

work - not any better, but i'm getting used to it so i'm somewhat less irritated most days

home (the ranch) - finally got a new computer at home... need to get the driver disks back from arcain so i can get ethernet/usb ports to work, should be screaming fast machine though... asus motherboard, amd 3000 chipset w/ 333 fsb and 256k memory

social life - zooom and i have been trading off the ick - cold/flu - so in the interest of our health and everyone else's we skipped the club thursday and spent the evening on the sofa; saturday night we did go out though - checked out chiaroscura (not impressed with the music in the main room so we got bored by about 12:30) and then dropped by midnight - think i'll stick with mohawk adam and orpheus for my saturday night dance fix... next weekend is timberwolfe yule, so we'll be headed to jersey for that...

and a plug for adam... they are starting up a new night in the space that used to house the abyss - sounds like it could be good - wednesday nights to start until they finish renovating the space, then moving to friday nights - unfortunately i don't think i'll make it there this week but i'll definately be heading there to check it out soon