December 25th, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09


so, i'm at work...

had to awaken at an ungodly hour to get here on time (8am!! i told them when i was hired i don't do mornings well) but of course the whole getting to work on time thing didn't happen anyway - my car doors were frozen - once i got them opened i couldn't get them closed, finally had to go inside and get hot water to pour into the locks to unstick them

and it's totally dead here - good thing in that i'm exhausted and unfocused, bad thing in that i'm bored - guess i'll survive, maybe nap at my desk in a bit

at least after work i get to go to alchemy_dc for some dancing... hope everyone is enjoying their day and we'll see a bunch of you tonight
asleep at mal 9/09

x-mas at work

not too bad (we get to order lunch from the yummy italian place up the street, on work), although i kinda miss the craziness at my family's (the nephew's are actually old enough to be entertaining, at least for an hour or 2) - i'm at work til 4, then dropping a co-worker off at home, then maybe a nap and/or dinner w/ zooom's family, and off to the club - dancing/friends will be the appropriate way to end the day