December 30th, 2003

asleep at mal 9/09


busy as hell but incredibly boring at work today, things are finally calming down now

still struggling with the urge to smoke regularly, but not doing too badly - 2 cigarettes yesterday, 1 so far today - tomorrow is it; after that, no more smoking unless i'm at a club or a party, and not as much smoking then either

had dinner with djpsyche, djsolares & eric, ash and slyxx last night at sushi chalet - food was alright but the service was terrible, even taking into account that most of their patrons do select their sushi buffet... still, was good to get to spend some time visiting

after dinner went home to find that christian's dog (damian) had shredded two large bags of trash from the party - all over the garage - boy was i pissed - left a message that chris needed to clean it up (i already cleaned up the garage once) and much to my delight i woke up this morning to find he'd actually taken care of it without having to be asked repeatedly