January 29th, 2004

asleep at mal 9/09

thank you

to my friends who have been there for me lately to listen to me bitch or hang out even when i'm not at all good company. i especially wanted to apologize for last night's sullenness - in addition to work sucking worse yesterday than either monday or tuesday, as i was trying to get out the door to the club i got a call that my great-grandmother had died tuesday night. bad things always happen in threes, right? if so, then i'm done w/ them for a while, i just have to survive the aftermath from the 3 and things will improve, correct? anyway i hope so

you can definately expect to see me out again tonight; asking me how i'm doing is probably a bad idea, just give me a hug and make the djs play good music please - i neeeeeeed to dance!!