July 5th, 2004

asleep at mal 9/09

sleepy tired

had a busy weekend, most of it was good though

saturday we went to lou & robs fourth of july gathering - had a great time there - mid-size crowd, "little michael" and his band played a couple of sets (gothy/ebmy mix - live drums/guitar/keyboards/vocalist) and were surprisingly good, it was great to see everyone and just hang out and talk to people

drove home sunday morning (we left lou's in joisey at about 3:30 am and got home at about 7:30 am) and crashed for a while, then i went to a family 4th picinic, and stopped home to pick up kaboodles and mystikvelvet for freaks united at alchemy_dc - had a good time overall, but was a bit disappointed with the crowd and the muddiness of the sound for the bands

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