July 16th, 2004

asleep at mal 9/09

pleasantly surprised

not only was the music by the djs pretty good at alchemy, but i was quite surprised by how much i enjoyed the band that played, an la goth band called the last dance (http://www.thelastdance.com/)

they had lots of energy, a solid band, and most importantly a fast enough beat for me to dance to quite a few of their songs - i like goth music, don't get me wrong, but much of it is a bit too slow for me to be able to dance to so i don't really care for it in a club setting - the last dance (at least live) is quite danceable; i even went so far as to pay the stupid atm fees so i could buy their cds last night to take home

overall i had a great night - thanks to the staff at alchemy_dc for bringing this band to my attention