November 3rd, 2004

asleep at mal 9/09

no politics, just life

work continues to get worse - we've now aquired a dial up company, aleron, which makes me even less happy about my job; although we did aquire a few techs with aleron - including todd dresser, chuck burke, and dave benzino, all of whom are friends - at least now there more people to bitch with/to

going out this past week was awesome though - loads of good music at alchemy_dc on thursday and at Spooky (although way too much smoke machine, especially on thursday) - razed in black was excellent (live industrial with guitars and drums onstage, and a beat you can groove to is a wonderful thing), and there were also some great costumes (and an incredible number of bad/cheesy ones) at Spooky; on thursday i really enjoyed defektiv's and dj solaries' sets (but i'm disappointed that the deck hasn't been open most of the time - the weather's still nice out so please let us dance outside?)

friday night we went out for a small freak dinner with evil karen and ben (and their kidlings), jamie, pyrogus and frogmaus in columbia - it was fun, but by the time dinner was over i'd had my fill of small ones for several months (nope, not a whit of maternal instinct here)

saturday i was supposed to go to several halloween parties, but having slept very little friday (zooom's allergies are very bad) and being exceedingly cranky i decided that staying home was the best choice as i was in no frame of mind to be a good guest or social in any way - my apologies to those who were expecting to see me and didn't
asleep at mal 9/09


i'm disappointed that bush won, but not surprised; i think the main reason he won was the huge number of voters who are totally uninformed or voted for him strictly for his anti-gay/anti-abortion stances - and the fact that he won again sickens and scares me but...

i'm not running away to another country (unless i win the lottery; then i plan to do a shit ton of traveling, but that would be the case no matter who was in the white house) but i do plan to try to make more of a difference in the next election (i dislike politics almost as much as i dislike organized religion so i usually chose to keep my opinions to myself) - not by being an ass, or rioting or anything like that, but by trying to talk with the people who voted for bush to try to understand why they made the choice they did and try to make them understand why i believe they got it wrong - i truly believe the republican party is becoming more and more the party of the religious right, and i don't want the religious right controlling my future

i believe we need to work harder to help make a third party (the liberaterians?) a viable reality - right now, in local and state elections - to give people a conservative choice that doesn't include hate for gays, women, and minorities as much of the religious right (who seem to be controlling the republican party these days) do - i'm not against the right to bear arms, or some level of fiscal conservatism, but i'm terrified that the republicans will try to take away my right to speak my mind, love who i wish regardless of their sex, and will bankrupt this country in the near future both financially and enviornmentally if they are given the chance

and now i'll get off my soapbox - thanks to all of you who voted (doesn't matter which way, the fact that you did means you at least participated) - and made informed choices - both on a presidental level and on a local level - and please keep working to try to make a difference (i haven't felt this strongly about the need to struggle with these issues since regan was president the second time btw, and i've already stepped up my activities in groups like the hrc and amnesty international just as i did then - it's not that i didn't care, but i haven't felt that i could make a difference for so long i'd stopped trying as hard)