November 24th, 2004

asleep at mal 9/09

quickie update

work - bleh, but i am hoping for a tranfer within the company to work as the project manager for all the aquisitions and new products cogent has in progress - keep your fingers crossed for me as i think i'd be much happier with the new position

fun stuff - last weekend was the handfasting of angitia and innocentxv - the ceremony was lovely and we had a lot of fun; this week i'll be at alchemy_dc tomorrow as will the rarely seen jamie, evil karen and ben, possibly manning, and hopefully a ton of other folks

zooom is going to new york this weekend to pick up his "nused" truck, and i'm hoping to get at least a new skirt finished for timberwolves yule feast which is next weekend; i may be out for chiaroscuro_dc saturday, but it'll depend in part on my productiveness on saturday

and a quickie note on the holidays - money's tight, with what little extra we have going into the house, so please, no gifts - your good wishes for the new year are all we want