December 17th, 2004

asleep at mal 9/09


tgif - i'm in a better mood today thanks to an absolutely excellent night all around at alchemy_dc (even though the crowd was somewhat sparse)... the music was awesome, and i must give special props to the djs, especially defektiv and 2501 for keeping me on the floor so long i'm in pain today even w/ the anti-inflamatories (don't worry - i used to bitch to adam that if i could walk up the stairs at the end of the night at orpheus to get my coat he hadn't done his job well; i consider it a good night if i'm this achy the next day because that means i've danced "too much" - yeah, yeah, i know i'm strange)

also have loads of stuff planned for the weekend - birthday party for a friend after work tonight, die flederyule saturday (and possibly a trip to chiaroscuro_dc with the lovely kat for some dancing), followed (i hope) by a relaxing sunday with zooom during which we may get some holiday shopping done

work is not any better, and i'm kind of annoyed - my boss who said he'd talk to me today about what's going on didn't - he knows i'm going to leave if he doesn't get me out of cst though