alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

i'm losing it rapidly

work sucks so much i won't even mention it, and i'm sick - caught a sinus/throat thing from a co-worker since the cst/noc room is a breeding ground for illness - 15+ people packed into a room slightly larger than my dining room, which is always either too hot or too cold (we have no control over the temp in here), and we can't take off more than 2 days sick w/out a doctors note, so everyone comes in even if they're still contagious

i started feeling not so good thursday night at alchemy_dc so i left right after vnv finished their set (twas a good night though, and i wanted to stay and hear more of the djs - i especially enjoyed coder32's {sp?} music) but it was excellent to see so many people out

did approximately nothing new years eve (we opted to stay home as zooom was wiped out and i wasn't feeling great), saturday we went shopping for tools to work on the house and spent about $700 at home depot (helped by a friend of zooom's at the germantown store) and sears on ryobi cordless power tools and a sander and grinder we need, then headed back to buy materials we needed only to find home depot closing at 5pm because of new years

sunday i went back to home depot, and had the worst of a series of bad experiences at the silver spring store - i'll never shop there again... they had no-one to assist in the lumber department, and when i finally managed to get the 3/4 ply i needed loaded onto a cart myself and waiting by the saw for them to cut it to size (4' ply won't fit in my car and i needed 30" width) it took about 15 minutes for someone to show up, only to tell me that the ripping saw was broken (no sign though) - i left the materials where they were and walked out

after that, i stopped home, started some chili for dinner monday and headed back out, this time to lowes to procure needed lumber, etc - it's out of my way (i went to the store on route 1 in laurel) but damn what a difference - the staff was happy to help, even going out of the way to make sure i found the appropriate product for my needs - home depot is never this good even at their stores that have decent staff - i was seriously contemplating returning all the tools to depot and buying them at lowes instead (prices are about the same) but it seems like too much work

sorry to all of you who we missed on new years and at chiaroscuro_dc this week - we fully planned to be out and about both nights, but the ick has gotten us
Tags: life with zooom

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