January 9th, 2008

asleep at mal 9/09

not whining i swear

life would be perfect if my body would stop breaking and i could figure out how to be a bit better at dating...

i'm surrounded by beautiful people and have amazing friends; my apartment is small but cute and the perfect place for me (yeah for landing in a good spot); clubbing here in la is better than it was in dc once alchemy closed; i'm comfortable with who i am and get to have a lot of fun; my job pays well and i get to work from home (even though it makes me annoyed often the trade-offs are worth it)

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that said, i seem to have met a least a few prospective dates recently, and if i haven't frightened them off already life should get even more interesting
asleep at mal 9/09


in spite of the miserable weather here in la this past weekend (torrential downpours friday and sunday) and arriving at the club looking like a drowned rat, it was an excellent weekend

j had a group of his wow guild in from out of town for the weekend; they were cool in small doses, but hardcore geeks - which drove b, j, and i to go out to bunker friday in spite of the fact that the rains made the thought of going anywhere less than appealing... boy am i glad we did - the music was spot on (i danced a ton), the crowd was amazingly beautiful even for la (even b commented on the number of gorgeous women this week - very odd), and we all enjoyed ourselves

saturday (on the advice of another patron at bunker) b, j, m, a and i went shopping - seems one of the freak stores on melrose is going out of business and we all had holiday gifts to spend... an excellent afternoon starting with lunch at a yummy argentian place toward la brea on melrose, followed by loads of walking, a sale a shrine, new clothes for m, b & i, new shoes at huge discount for a, m & i at the going out of business sale, and good company to scare the normals and tourists with ;>

saturday night was spent being lazy at home as was sunday day, but that night i got dressed up and braved the rains again - picked up g and went to the stinking rose for dinner (mmmmm... garlic breath) and dancing at mal - music was on and off, but good conversation/friends, and i got hit on by a cute guy (now to see if he decides to contact me or not)

so far this week has been work and errands; looking forward to the weekend as usual, and next monday is a sweeney todd wumpskate which we're going to do our best to attend