January 29th, 2008

asleep at mal 9/09

doctor's visit

so... yesterday was another follow up - no real improvement; my body is not healing itself as hoped

instead he's concerned about my stress levels and i'm concerned about the poor sleep and bad reactions to the pain meds - so he's added clonazepam (valium/xanax like drug) at night to push my off switch, and we're going to try darvon as a pain med instead of the tramadol/ketamine

i stay on the heparin, he upped dosage on testosterone and t3, and my yeast levels are up again since i've increased carbs enough to stop losing weight - so he wants me to take fluconazol to try and bring that back down - he agrees that losing more weight would not be healthy

and my insurance still isn't recognizing my condition/paying for my meds/tests/dr's visits - i get to call and argue with them this week

i'm sick of this now; why won't my body behave itself?