March 4th, 2008

asleep at mal 9/09

updates - weekend, 3 things

weekend was for the most part excellent - loads of dancing; good music at both bunker and mal and good company to go along with it...

saturday night was a mixed bag - spicyspookykidd dragged me along to a lesbian event (by the L word folks) at dragonfly (the space for miss kitty's) that was abysmally bad - unattractive at best women oil wrestling, no music just announcers at first, then when the music did start it was untolerable (rap crap, john couger mellancamp, pop crap) - needless to say we were back at the house by 1am and having more cocktails and hitting the hot tub; hot boy came over after his night out though and joined us so that was good at least...

started the 3 things idea on saturday which is going ok so far; having a hard time remembering to do face care before bed, but exercising is good and first new dinner was a big hit with everyone in the house (although a bit time consuming to prepare)

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