April 17th, 2008

asleep at mal 9/09

health update

i feel fine (well, except that today's visit to my doctor was disheartening and i'm now kinda depressed - i want to not take 20+ meds a day for the rest of my life and that's not looking likely)

t3 is low again so they upped that; adrenal function is a small amount better but still way low so replacements for dhea, progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone continue; coag factors still high so heparin continues; yeast still high, he wants me to try adding another immune supplement plus probiotics acidopholis and omega3s but if that doesn't start to work within the next few weeks then i need to go back to less than 20G of carbs per day

i soooo don't don't don't want to do that - not only does that rule out bread, most pasta, crackers, fruit, any drinks but water as i can't stand artificial sweetners, etc but also things like beans, corn, a lot of nuts, etc - and i feel like i'm starving to death to boot

also, one other new med - its supposed to help me sleep when i'm stressed (which i am; zooom and i are going to get rid of the house sometime this summer, and there's a lot of stuff to be done before that happens - again, will keep you posted and probably put out a call for assistance when i come back to DC for a week to help clean out and pack up stuff)

atm, i'm coping ok with all of this thanks to wonderful friends, good clubs and a hot boyfriend who doesn't question my desire for an open whatever this is...

updates as i try the new stuff from the doc and adjust my diet again...

anyway, i'll survive - most of life is good and this is just another in a series of wtf does all this crap happen to me? oh, right, i'm special and "god doesn't give us more than we can handle" per my rents - from my pov shit happens and much of the shit happens to me because i'm special that way

oh, and the hot boyfriend and i will be resuming the 3 things that we started in march now that i'm no longer coughing up pieces of lung due to the plague - start date is april 15th, runs thru june 15th at a minimum

1 - exercise more and work toward washboard stomaches for both of us
2 - better skin care especially face for both of us
3 - 1 new "kim safe" recipie researched and tried per week for me and at least 3 hours of writing on the book he's been working on for him