May 1st, 2008

asleep at mal 9/09


haven't posted much lately - life is mostly good but busy

lots of fun stuff coming up including the usual clubbing, prep for and then burning man, concerts (combichrist, others i can't remember atm), more trips to 6 flags

in the last few weeks we've been mostly home-bodies except for dancing - trying to rearrange/reorganize the apartment and make things look pretty (too much stuff, not much space) plus work on the house/yard

however, we did go to 6 flags with officeninja and ronin_lethe a few weeks ago - rollercoasters=much fun...

we had some excellent weekends though - dinners at morells (mmmm... delicious cheeses plus an heirloom capreses), skewers, ethiopian, and tangiers (followed by a performance by, also went to see forbidden kingdom weekend before last and enjoyed it quite a bit and the italian dinner beforehand was good too

guess that's about it for now; back to work