May 8th, 2008


relationships - now open to public view...

apparently being in an open relationship makes no sense to a lot of people, both here, on myspace and on t's myspace so...

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i've figured out that for me monogamy doesn't work - i'm bisexual for one thing, but even more than that sex /= love for me, and being able to have sex with who i want when i want is something i'm not willing to give up on again - every time i've tried monogamy i've either wound up cheating or i've sabotaged the relationship when i wanted someone else - a lot of years of serial monogamy and misery later i finally figured it out

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so... what's my point? i'm not sure there's really a point to this, other than i'm over being judged based on the way i choose to live my life, and i'm really tired of people confusing polygamy with polyamory with an open relationship - i'm happy, he's happy, we both have other interests and that's all good

edit to add... this post is not directed at anyone in particular here, and most of those on my lj don't judge (or at least you don't say so) - but other people in our scene seem to have issues

quesions/comments/discussion welcome... i know a lot of you don't get this, and i can accept that... i understand that you want monogamy but i can't quite wrap my head around the judgemental attitudes we get, especially from what is supposed to be an open and accepting group (ie: freaks)