October 9th, 2008

asleep at mal 9/09

random food stuffs

so... i've been doing well in some areas and depressed in others; things with t continue to be excellent overall and if things with z would just wrap up in some semblance of reason i think i might be able to have a life again

in lieu of the promised post brc wrap-up (still have to find camera, upload pics, and be in the right frame of mind to write that) i'm posting some of the recent meals i've made (when i'm not happy food is not terribly desirable; i've been trying to cook good healthy stuff so what little i do manage to make myself eat is pleasurable, plus the act of cooking makes me more likely to eat more and i love to cook for an appreciate audience)

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yes, a lot of my cooking is mediterranean influenced (my family is greek and i lived w/ a friend's italian family for years in college), i use a lot of olive oil and a small amount of butter (oil + butter = higher scorch point plus better for you, but still well flavored), i do cook with salt, and i'm not by any stretch a veg or vegan these days; i do eat small portions of meat in comparison to veggies and generally spend a bit more for local, organic products - both meat and vegetable

anyway, feel free to modify these to fit your own tastes (for instance the chicken and rice could easily be changed to a curry, oriental, or cajun style just by changing the spices) and enjoy