November 4th, 2008

asleep at mal 9/09

duh - i voted

we got up at the ridicuous hour of 8am (bedtime is 4-5am), made it to our polling place by 8:45ish and were done by 10; then i came home and went back to bed til about 1

line wasn't too bad early, but they're definitely getting longer

and i was happy to see that at least la county uses paper ballots read by a machine so results can be tabulated fast but there is a paper trail... after 2004 i really don't trust the computerized machines

i'm not going back out for my free starbucks, ben & jerry's, crispy kreme, etc - but it's cool they're giving away treats if you say you voted
asleep at mal 9/09


i'm gobsmacked about the election turnout - both in total voters at the polls and that we'll start the new year with a black president (and at some of the states where he won)

but i'm equally amazed by mccains concession speech

i hope this is a harbinger of good things to come for america as a whole; that we'll come together to fix what's wrong with this country

and as a friend with young kids pointed out if nothing else... her kids will be raised in a country where it is a fact that a "minority" can win the presidency

eta but i am appalled that prop 8 is currently winning in ca