November 11th, 2008

asleep at mal 9/09


i know deadmoonrising and other metal fans will love this, but even as someone who's decidedly not a metal fan this article is excellent and some of the music is quite good

(note - a lot of my less than love for metal comes from my kid sister and her friends listening to it on endless repeat at high volumes - i can appreciate the work it takes to make metal and can even tell the difference between types, bands, etc - but it's till not my cup-o-tea)
asleep at mal 9/09

veterans day

both my great-grandfathers, my grandfather, my s.o. and multiple close friends all served in times of war...

while i may not always agree with the reasons our country is fighting or the need to be at war i wholly support the wonderful people who have and do still serve our country in the military

thank you all