November 25th, 2008

asleep at mal 9/09

trip back east 12/13-12/16 and a stop at eshock

well... my mother's given me an early x-mas gift; she's flying me back east to see my grandmother before she passes away (end stage cancer - but she's had a good and full life) but it's a very short visit and it's all about mom/grandma

it's going to be a tough 30 or so hours once i hit mom's, but since i have to drive through baltimore saturday evening i'll be grabbing dinner somewhere (probably the mt vernon stable around 8:30pm) and hitting eshock before heading the rest of the way up to pa

if you want to see me before next summer, please come out

and if you want to join in on dinner plans let me know so we can coordinate estimated time and a reservation if there are a lot of us

p.s. please feel free to pass this on to mutual friends who don't lj/myspace