January 15th, 2009

asleep at mal 9/09

question of the day... discuss

Question of the Day
Is it better to be good at a lot of things, or great at one thing? Discuss. (from devo.livejournal.com)

both? being good/competent at a lot of things indicates that you're a well rouned individual, capable of handling a lot of different situations

for instance... i'm a good cook, i'm good with math, cisco stuff, basic construction and electrical work, dancing, dressing myself well, making home look nice yet fit my personality and tastes

and i've become an excellent (if slow) seamstress over the years, which contributes to being good at a few of the things above - this is probably the thing i lose patience with most often, but also the skill i show off the most and love to do in spite of the frequent frustration when my first attempt at a design doesn't quite work out

but if i wasn't good at some of the the other tasks i wouldn't have time or money to dedicate to sewing/clothing design, and if i didn't have the creative outlet of designing and making clothes i'd never have the patience to do many of the things i'm good at (which are often boring tasks because they come so easily)
asleep at mal 9/09

look... an actual update!

health - surviving, having problems with arthritis pain and numbness, sleeping poorly, and energy low - assuming that's because i'm not yet back on the meds i had to quit taking in december due to the cost; hopefully in february

la - loving the weather (70+ in january!), my friends, the garden (which i'll miss - a lot - we're still getting fresh tomatoes and zucchini), being able to work out outside every day

work - i now have help which means i'm working somewhat less (still 50 hours or so) most weeks

boy - things continue to go well, although he's now on overnights which is a bit tough as we don't get to see a whole lot of each other awake

split - no significant changes, but this will take time

fun - thankfully i'm lucky here - the la scene is not the same as dc was, but i'm getting to know more and more people and the music is mostly good (although i do agree with n8_zilla about the repetitive sets at bunker sometimes)... and with the beautiful weather i spend a lot of time outside when i can

last weekend i went to bunker and danced a lot, then sunday at malediction which was also good although they got a bit too goth towards the end of the nite, and monday was 80's night at wumpskate and t finally had a monday off - my calves were killing me by the end of the night, but 3+ hours at the rink (probably 2+ actually skating) was sooo much fun even though i did wipe out twice

cooking/diet - nothing really new lately, repeats of favorites mostly - but i did join www.sparkpeople.com - not because i want to lose weight (although their plans seem really good for that) but because i want to keep better track of what i'm eating and how much i'm exercising - the site is a bit time consuming (but no worse than the spreadsheets i was using last year, and they track a lot more data regarding diet), probably because i'm new and haven't gotten everything pulled into favorites or set up yet, but the tracking tools are pretty impressive - and it's free... if you're a member my username there is also alumiere

plans for this weekend include bunker and mal again, and hopefully something fun with the boy on his day off monday (maybe more skating, but this time at the outdoor rink at the beach if the weather's good)