May 18th, 2009

asleep at mal 9/09

please take a minute to read this and follow up?

i know not all of you will agree with me, and that's your choice, but i feel this is really important - we need stem cell research to continue and increase and this is a big step toward making that happen...

the NIH is currently accepting public comments on their new guidelines for stem cell research. the right wing religious groups have been pounding them with requests to stop this research, so please if you have a moment read this link and respond at the NIH website link listed with your comments.

the more people who ask to have stem cell research allowed the more likely they will be to loosen the restrictions and then more research will be possible, perhaps leading to cures for things like parkinsons, luekemia, m.s., etc
asleep at mal 9/09

oh, and a follow up from yesterday

so a follow up to this post regarding "race fail 09"

there are some amazing things going on over at foc_u today

i strongly urge you to check it out if you are as much of a geek as i am... the stories are awesome, the commentary is intelligent and thoughtful

it's really sad that this community came into being as a result of so much bad behavior from professional writers, editors, etc - but i for one am glad that it's here and hope to be able to read it all eventually