May 28th, 2009

asleep at mal 9/09

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i started to post this as a response to rm's post but it got too long...

she's really got me thinking about how i've been treated in different communities over the years...

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i have to say that on many levels the g/i/freak community has been really good to/for me - the men sometimes tend to be overly "chivalrous" (although i suspect if they understood what chivalry really means...) but i rarely run into a situation where i'm treated as inferior mentally in this community, and once i show the boys that i can keep up and do the work they stop treating me as someone who's not physically as strong - that is a wonderful thing (perhaps it's just me, and other women are treated differently - but i find many people go out of their way to earn my respect and listen to my thoughts/opinions in this group) - so thank you all