June 29th, 2009

asleep at mal 9/09

chronic illness

i just took a survey on dealing with chronic illness - i hadn't really thought about some of the questions they asked so this took a lot longer than the 50-60 minutes they suggested, but i think it was definitely worth my time

first - for those of you on my f-list also suffering from chronic illness if you have time please take the survey at http://chronicdisease.survey.sgizmo.com

as for me, i know how frustrated i am with dealing with all of this, and how often i'm sick, feel down, etc. but i hadn't realized how much time every day i spend just on "managing my illness" as recommended by my doctors - somewhere around 16% of my waking day, every day, is spent making sure i take my meds, exercise, and track those things that i'm supposed to track for my treatment

but wait - that doesn't include the diet (and all the cooking that entails); the time lost to "mind blanks" and being sick (since my immune system doesn't really work, that's way too often); the extra sleep i need; time for actual doctors visits, tests, etc

and then there are all the real life needs - work (or trying to find a job), housework, endless reams of paperwork for insurance and taxes, bills, etc

and i wonder why i'm stressed and exhausted so much of the time... i want my life back now