July 30th, 2009

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i never thought i'd be in a position where i needed to ask for this kind of help, but i think i'm out of other options so here goes...

i know a lot of you can't afford to donate or not much, but if a whole lot of people donate just a few dollars it will have the same result - so please repost/retweet any and everywhere if you can; i'd greatly appreciate it

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here's where the problem comes in - i could mostly afford the specialists and the treatments (so far, bc/bs hasn't paid for any significant part of my treatment and only part of one round of tests in 2008 [after my testing fees topped my $2500 deductible] - i am fighting with them but getting nowhere; my out of pocket medical expenses in 2008 were over $7500) while i was working, but i've been out of work since may fifteenth, and even though i'm eligible unemployment hasn't seen fit to pay me at all. my savings are gone, and i can't afford another round of tests and doctors visits, nor can i afford my next cobra payment (if i lose my health insurance i'm very unlikely to find coverage ever again due to the pre-existing conditions).

so i'm asking you internets for help... if anyone can spare a few dollars to help with my medical expenses, i'd greatly appreciate it. between the i still haven't paid it bill for the last round of bloodwork, my monthly cobra payment, and more tests, office visits and meds i need to come up with at least $5000 to get me through the end of the year in medical costs alone. i am working on getting onto disability, but i'm being told that will probably take 1-2 years (and i need legal help i can't pay for to do that), and i'd much rather get my body, hormones and adrenal system back on track so that i can get back to working a real job.

i know a lot of you are also out of work or struggling financially, so please don't donate if you can't afford it, but please do pass this along/repost the link anywhere/everywhere if you can. unfortunately, i'm not a non-profit organization so this can't be written off on your taxes, and i don't have anything i can give away to contributors except my gratitude. i will shut down this page once i hit the needed goal, monies collected here will only go toward medical expenses, and if i take in more than i need, at the end of the year i'll donate it to The Mayo Foundation who continue to do research into the treatment of thyroid conditions

ETA: ok there is one thing i can do for anyone who wishes it; the post http://alumiere.livejournal.com/324180.html will include a donor's list; if you wish to remain anonymous that is fine, if you want a bit of publicity note that in your donation and i'll link your website, blog, journal, etc

edit - another follow up post at http://alumiere.livejournal.com/324776.html