August 15th, 2009

asleep at mal 9/09

some good stuff

* health care reform as proposed currently is imperfect, but it would be a very good thing none-the-less (and hey, it would make sure i didn't have such ridiculous costs even though i *have* a "good" plan) (from karnythia)

* beautiful sand animation (well worth the full eight minutes) - - link courtesy of eddie_campbell - an article in the guardian UK tells us that the last phrase means “you are always near: 1945”

* clean water for the world at a reasonable price - brilliant (when i have a job again i'll probably buy several of these - given my non-functional immune system if i'm in a situation where clean water isn't available i'd catch something deadly quite quickly - i do have an in-line 20nanometer filter on my drinking water at home, and i drink bottled when i'm out) (from ed_dirt)

* the world science festival on the magic of the pentatonic scale...

* a beautiful five minute history of johnny walker scotch whiskey (from warren_ellis)

* raceism, sexism, rape is funny, homophobia, and more fail is everywhere this week (although it's prevalence in sf/f authors/artists is particularly disgusting), but it's depressing as hell, so i'm watching and reading but i'll skip sharing it here (see angry black woman, karnythia, yuki_onna, fugitivus, etc for intelligent discourse)